About the Name

The Origins of the Name

The Gaffneys chose the name because Mrs. Gaffney used to make the bread from which the name was derived. Many people make Sally Lunns bread and in fact the bakery where Sally Lunn, who was said to be a French Refugee, who fled from France during the revolution, is still in existence in the beautiful town of Bath in England, today! As with all historical figures, there are many stories surrounding Sally Lunn, but one thing is certain, her little brioche like buns are delicious and have given her a place in the pages of history. In fact not only in history books, but thousands of cook and recipe books, plays, films and now the finest Tea shoppes to grace the shores of America. We are sure she would be amazed!

The Original Bakery where Sally Lunn's buns were made
The tea shop in Bath where the first Sally Lunn was baked.

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