About Us

Welcome to Sally Lunns.com. Many of you are very familiar with our stores and our products, for those of you who are not here is a history of how Sally Lunn’s began in the US.

The Early Years

MomSally Lunns was established in Florida in 1982 by Mrs. Gaffney and her family. The Gaffney family emigrated from England and set up shop in Central Florida. Back in England they were famous for their fine, unique and very successful restaurants. Mrs. Gaffney and her daughter Theresa also brought and sold antiques. They had a space in the Historic Covent Garden Flower and Fruit market, and sold their collectibles right in front of the Old Opera House.

Mrs. Gaffney had the unique idea of combining her fine antiques with her wonderful knowledge of food and was truly the pioneer for what is now the famous Sally Lunns Look, which is widely emulated by Tearooms all over America. Combined with the talents of her daughter Theresa who was a designer and chef extraordinaire, they put the first Sally Lunns Tea Shoppe together and were an instant success.

Set in the rooms of a Victorian home, the shoppe was so popular that people would come from near and far to have lunch or take tea. Standing in the heat of the Floridian Sun they would wait for hours to be seated. Other shops soon followed as the word spread and the Sally Lunns name became famous throughout Florida.

The Origins of the Name

The Gaffneys chose the name because Mrs. Gaffney used to make the bread from which the name was derived. Many people make Sally Lunns bread and in fact the bakery where Sally Lunn, who was said to be a French Refugee, who fled from France during the revolution, is still in existence in the beautiful town of Bath in England, today! As with all historical figures, there are many stories surrounding Sally Lunn, but one thing is certain, her little brioche like buns are delicious and have given her a place in the pages of history. In fact not only in history books, but thousands of cook and recipe books, plays, films and now the finest Tea shoppes to grace the shores of America. We are sure she would be amazed!

The Original Bakery where Sally Lunn's buns were made
The tea shop in Bath where the first Sally Lunn was baked.

About the Store

Sally Lunns Chester, was set up in 1991. Against all the odds, economics, location at the rear of the main street, acceptance in a sleepy town and bureaucracy, the shoppe has thrived and made the slow end of the town the thriving, busy end! Chester is known throughout New Jersey for it’s charm, quaint little craft and antique stores that occupy the historic buildings that line Main Street and the surrounding streets.

Main Street used to be lined with magnificent trees, the buildings that now house the delightful array of stores, were dwellings and Inns. At one time there were more Inns and Taverns in Chester than decency would allow, there were grand houses and mines…..lots of them!

The building that houses Sally Lunns was an icehouse. Huge chunks of ice were carved out of Silver Springs Lake in Flanders, taken by horse and carriage to Chester and stored in the icehouse. Lined with bales of straw the ice would keep for months, until it was broken up and shipped by rail, from Chester to New York, to be used in the Hotels, Restaurants and cold houses.

Luckily for Chester and Sally Lunns a man with a mission, Donald Duryea has systematically purchased building after building and renovated them, remembering the good old times and keeping Chester charming, historic and thriving.

Chester has been a favourite of tourists and day travelers for years, it’s not so sleepy now but it’s still a real treat! People have spread the word and they come from all over to visit with us, sample our scrumptious foods and revel in times gone past. We sell more fine porcelain tea items than anyone in the US. Little London, as we call it, is filled with antique furniture, linens, prints and paintings, books on tea, the art of taking tea, the history of tea and tea time recipes, tea cards, for all occasions, lamps, silver and silver plate and of course the unusual curiosities that make Sally Lunns so different!